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Ideal Baking Corporation- A Company Which Makes Ice-Creams Eating Interesting and Easy...

We, Ideal Baking Corporation are a manufacturer of Waffle Cone Premix, Rolled & Moulded Ice Cream Cones, Ice Cream Paper Cups, Custom Ice Cream Cups, Aluminium Foil Sleeves and many other products related to ice cream industry. We are having experience in manufacturing for more than 19 years. Our main aim is to provide our clients with best quality of products and at a reasonable rates. Being a maker of aforesaid products, we maintain hygiene like no other company by using hygiene based food producing and packaging equipment and cleaning the aforesaid on regular basis.

What We Do?

We are into producing and supplying all necessary ice-cream making and packaging products. The very first product that we made was waffle cone premix. After successful selling of this premix, we tried our hands in rolled and moulded ice cream cone. After getting success in this as well, we then brought forward aluminum foil sleeves and finally ice-cream paper cups. Achieving success in every product we made, marketed and supplied, at present, we are into manufacturing various ice-cream making and packing items.

Why Choose Us?
  • At our company, hygiene is never comprised but always carefully looked and maintained
  • We have a hi-tech manufacturing plant in the 'City of Dreams'- Mumbai to make Ice Cream Cones, Aluminum Foil Sleeves and many more worth spending money products
  • We help in promotion of ice-cream brands by custom-printing ice-cream cups with company's name and logo
Our Philosophy

An ice-cream making and supplying company will earn good profit only when customers will like it's ice-creams and customers will like the ice-creams only when the taste and packaging impresses them. So, our philosophy is simple, When you do good with others, good comes back to you in every form.

Our Mission

We are a famous brand in Ice-Cream Industry, that swears to it's commitment of ethical practices and quality standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is to strengthen our relation with customers, continue consistency in providing high quality ice-cream processing and packaging products like Ice Cream Cones and Aluminum Foil Sleeves, and to succeed by making ice-cream making and supplying companies successful.

Benefits of Dealing With Us
  • Customers get quality at industry leading rates
  • Excellent promotion through printing cups and other packaging products
  • After sales support along with speedy delivery
  • Proper customer care